Books for Less Online has a vast selection of discount books and magazines for readers of all ages to enjoy.  Books for Less prides itself by searching the internet of top competitors to bring to you the best deals on one website.  There are hundreds of new, used and digital Fiction and Non-fiction books for adults, children, teens, and text books at the best prices.  So, don’t over pay for new and used books or magazines to include digital media, and textbooks.  Also, sell your books and text books here.



At Books for Less, we have discounted bestsellers and popular titles of new and used books to meet all your reading interests.  Choose from a variety of book sales offered at exceptionally low prices below the retail cost.  Search by title, author or category. Remember to come back often so you don’t miss out on our updated reading list.

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Find your favorite Magazines at a great discounted price.  Periodicals such as Time, Newsweek, The Good Life, Eating Well, Good House Keeping, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, The Economist, National Geographic, The Atlantic, and Inc, to name a few.  You will find such topics as current national and international events, fashion, travel, business, finance, the latest in technology/science, food, cooking, and fine wines.

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Welcome to the Digital book store, where you’ll find a vast selection of eBooks and eMagizines for all ages covering many subjects.  Enjoy the ease of all your favorite hard copy books and magazines in one place digitally.  EBooks and eMagazines are ideal if you are constantly on the go in today’s fast paced world and give you the luxury of not carrying extra reading material around or looking for those book/magazine stands to get the latest release or weekly periodical.  Instead, they can all be at your finger tips.

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 TEXT BOOKS Rent, Buy and Sale

You will find new and used copies of text books required by many colleges and universities at a great low price.  Also, if you are done with your text book(s) see if it meets the criteria, then sell your unwanted text book(s), putting money in your pocket.  You will also pass your text book along to someone who needs it, saving them money and the book is recycled; not gathering dust  or ending up in the trash bin.  You even get a pre-paid shipping label, saving you money. 

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  1. Hi

    As an avid reader it is always great to find a place to buy books online at decent prices. I still much prefer reading an actual book rather than on a tablet, but it is a sign of our times.

    When I was studying I always found text books to be expensive and a downright frustrating expense. It’s great to know that you can buy or rent them.

    I appreciate your information.


  2. Hi David,
    Thanks you so much for providing such a great resource for buying books.
    The other amazing feature is the selling part. I have a ton of textbooks that I’m sure I could sell online but have been to lazy to list them. I must get on top of this because I have a lot of money just laying around collecting dust.
    Thanks for inspiring me to get my books in order.
    How long have you been running your online resource for books?
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Peter,

      Thanks for great words of support. Like most people, I have been using the internet for years, but decided a few months ago to look into affiliate marketing. My website is still a work in progress and the amount of information on website construction at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is very detailed and meaningful. With WA I picked a good place to start my online business.

      Glad I could help with the suggestion for your text books. I agree, better to unload them; that way you get some value out of the books and someone else gets the benefit of a good text book at a great low price.



  3. I read both physical books as well as ebooks, both work fine for me, depending on where I am. I would read real books at home while ebooks are more for on-the-go. Don’t mind getting used books at a discount as they will still be a good read regardless of the format/condition they are in, so thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi thanks for sharing this. I love books and its even better if they are at a bargain. 🙂 As much as I love physical books, but space has become an issue for us at home and storing of books become a problem hence I am looking into ebooks. Do you read e books on a kindle or app on phone?

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