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Through Reading we gain Experience and Understanding

Reading develops comprehension and language skills, and sparks imagination.  When you read you gain from the views, success, failure, opinions and advice of others.  Most importantly, reading is entertaining; even more so than gaming, the TV, a movie, or the internet.  If it were not for the entertaining value, reading would be a task, not enjoyable.  The more you read, the more you know.  Therefore, regular readers possess greater knowledge of how things work in the world around them, because reading introduces new information and new ways of thinking.   A good reading appetite throughout life improves overall communication, promoting a meaningful daily connection with the world and those around us.  Through reading comes self-improvement and a higher awareness.

Forces your Brain to Focus

Although informative, online articles and blogs are designed for the fast paced information flow of the internet.  On the other hand, sitting down to read a good book requires a longer, dedicated focus and concentration.  Total book immersion demands pushing the world and any other distractions aside in order to reap the full benefits inside the cover.  A good reading program throughout life keeps the brain stimulated.

Reading for Health

Scientific studies have shown that readers are more likely to be socially engaged than those who do not read.  Those who are more socially engaged live longer, more meaningful lives.  Additionally, reading several minutes a day can also reduce stress and tension by shifting your attention to the book away from the daily burdens that raise blood pressure and heart rate.  Reading allows you to hit the pause button on life.    https://paylessforbooksonline.com

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. That’s so true! Reading is incredible for expanding vocabulary and exposing us to whole new topics, eras, attitudes and lifestyles. I have 3 teenage children and have watched them explore the middle ages, magic, animals, relationships, attitudes to religion and slavery, and that’s just in the last 2 series that they’ve been reading!

    I heard the other day that readers of fiction live up to 10 years longer than those who only read newspapers and journals because when we read fiction our brain runs ahead and tries to anticipate the next move. This keeps the brain flexible and functioning better. So I certainly won’t be stopping reading fiction any time soon!

    A great summary of the benefits of reading!

    1. Rachel,

      I appreciate the time you have taken to offer insight into my website. Totally agree that a good fiction read can keep you energized, guessing and looking for the next clue or revelation.

      I flew my B-52 into Darwin once. Had a great three days with some of your Aussie pilots; I will skip the rest of the details for now.



  2. I totally agree! I’ve always been a big reader ever since I was a kid. Back then I read a lot of fantasy and science fiction books, which actually helped me out a lot with my grammar when it comes to things such as writing. When you read a lot, you begin to develop a “feel” for how a sentence should be written.

    Now that i’m a little bit older, I tend to read books that are more geared towards self-improvement and business. I’m always looking to learn something new and books are perfect for that!

    I also enjoy eBooks, but I still prefer being able to hold a physically copy in my hand.

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