Cooking: Internet vs Hardcopy Recipes

Online Cooking Sources

The way we enjoy our cooking recipes has changed tremendously over the past twenty years. Today every dish or recipe you want to master can be found on the internet as well as the traditional cookbook. From quick online download one recipes, to entire e-cookbooks, to Facebook and YouTube videos, each source offers countless recipes for the home cook. Similarly, all the best food publications now have great recipes and food bloggers online daily. Cooking from a tablet with downloaded recipes is easier and cheaper than cooking from books bought and stored on shelves, all designed to reduce your kitchen stress. This online cooking revolution has some cooks asking, is there a need for hardcopy cookbooks anymore, because everything we need is on the internet. Today’s cooks don’t pull a book off a shelf to find  a recipe. Instead, they go to a mobile phone or do a quick search online for that  favorite recipe. In fact, the majority of home chefs, as much as 50%, use free online cooking recipe sources. But, a very small number of cooks buy e-cook books, and less review cookbooks on mobile apps. In future, those cooks who own more cookbooks than they will ever use might use cookbooks less,  because online and mobile sources are getting better.

Hardcopy Cookbooks

On the other hand, the internet world of online recipes has not rendered cookbooks obsolete. Sales suggest that a large number of cooking enthusiast still read cooking magazines and books. The main factors that still influence people to buy cookbooks are easy to prepare step-by-step recipes instruction that match their family’s tastes. Older cookbooks, especially the classic cookbooks, tend to be just a big collection of recipes running endlessly on and on, one right after the other. However, today’s cookbooks are no longer just cookbooks, offering so much more than just recipes. They promote not just cuisine, or how to use a special/rare ingredient, but offer colorful cooking experiences from across the globe, taking your cooking talents to new heights. For this reason, cookbooks are not just for cooks anymore, but for collectors and as gifts usually given by old school cooks not yet internet savvy. Still others buy cookbooks on impulse, either by discovering them online or in a store. In addition, although the internet is conveniently fast, hardcopy cookbooks can be passed along to friends and family. Modern cookbooks have become works of art you want to read.

                       Current Trends

Whether your desire is online or hardcopy recipes you can stay current on all the latest recipes in the cooking world from across the globe. For instance, learn about one of the latest crazes in food plans or diets, The Paleo.  This food plan promotes eating grass-fed meats, fish/seafood, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, eggs, nuts, seeds, and oils such as olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, and coconut. In contrast, don’t eat cereal grains, legumes (including peanuts), dairy, refined sugar, potatoes, salty foods, refined vegetable oils, processed foods, or candy/junk food.  If the Mediterranean or diabetic diets are in your healthy eating plan you can find those, too. Discover that American food cooking variety beats out Italian, seafood, southwestern (Tex-Mex) and Mexican/Central American cooking. Also surprisingly with all the hip about healthy eating, gluten free and vegetarian cooking show the least interest. You can also find some of the most up to date health tips. For example, researchers offered proof that vegetarian protein is just as beneficial for lean muscle mass, bone mineral density, and muscle strength as animal protein. Important information for those cutting animal fat from their diet.


Informed home cooks are looking for and finding better ways to promote wellness through healthier eating habits and choices in their homes.  No longer is healthy eating about dieting and weight loss alone according to; it is about “clean eating”. For you cooking enthusiasts, here are some other websites to add to your list:, (still the most popular cookbook), (the most popular website),,, (my favorite), and www.cookbooks.comThese websites cover more than just the latest trends in food and cooking;  many include reviews on new kitchen products, designs, and fine wine, too. Using the internet or cookbooks recipes for home cooking is not only alive and well, but thriving. To find all your available cooking interest in paperback, hardback or e-reader edition Click HERE.

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