Why Childern Should Read

Reading is an important skill that needs to be developed in children when they are young.  As soon as children learn to speak, parents should start reading to them, because books are where children first start to develop language skills.  Reading opens up new worlds that expand children’s lives.  Studies show that later in life, children who start reading at an early age have a better chance to succeed, then those young children who do not read.  Moreover, in the beginning, children should learn to read for pleasure and as their reading proficiency increases the more they will want to read and the diversity of what they read will expand.

Parents Read to Your Children

When parents read to their children, they learn the correct word pronunciation even if they can’t read the words.  Reading to young children helps develop language skills and in turn the ability to start verbally expressing themselves.  Their vocabulary improves faster through reading; they are not only smarter, they will also talk smarter, and later it also helps to develop thinking.  More importantly, parents need to make reading fun and pleasurable for children, so the reading experience last for a lifetime. Reading stimulates children’s imagination, curiosity, allows them to dream, and later opens up new subjects like science, history, literature and more. Early reading gives children a better chance at succeeding at whatever they undertake.  Research shows that a good reading appetite at an early age influences cognitive functions…the more you read, the more you know, the smarter you become…the better your self-esteem.  In addition, older children can read aloud to younger children, improving relationships and setting an example.  In short, reading positively impacts children’s development. The right books can teach children problem solving, cooperation with others, accepting responsibility, and a respect for nature.  Parents also need to introduce their children to all forms of reading to include not only the printed books, but ebooks, online books, magazines and newspapers as well.

The Absence of a Good Reading Program

For children who do not read, one reason might be because they are poor readers from the start. They have a difficult time reading and understanding what they are reading.  Not every child learns at the same pace, therefore, for children having reading difficulties, the importance of parent’s encouragement, personal involvement and progress monitoring is critical at a young age.  A good reading foundation is even more critical for the difficult reader, because children with reading difficulties will dislike reading, avoiding it altogether.

Without a good reading foundation, children have difficulties understanding new information and gaining new knowledge.  Ultimately, this lack of reading leads to low reading proficiency not just in reading, but in other learning areas as well: math, science, history, reading basic instructions or directions.  Furthermore, reading difficulties affect the ability to be an effective writer, speaker, listener, and overall social interactions.  Reading impacts every aspect of children’s lives.

Reading is the Foundation to Success

The more children are read to at a young age, the more interested they become in reading.  If parents read aloud setting the example early for their children by exposing children to reading material that is pleasurable and fun, they can capture children’s attention putting them on the path to success.  Quality time reading away from distractions is a building block toward a lifelong appreciation for reading.  Think of the added family time as well.  Furthermore, engage children to talk about what they have read, it will make the reading experience even more memorable.  The more children read the better readers they become.  Find all the children’s books to get parents and children started for a good low price at Books for Less Online.

2 thoughts on “Why Childern Should Read

  1. Hello Dave, I agree that it’s very important that parents stimulate their children to read. unfortunately, kids are losing the interest in reading due to smart phones. A lot of them don’t read at all and spend a lot of time on social media. It’s very important to create awareness about this subject. Is there any books that you recommend for kids?

    1. Marta, thank you for your time in reading my post. If you are just introducing your child to reading, then I recommend the collection of Doctor Seuss’ books that are still popular after 60+ years.



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